Sweet Potato Vadam / சர்க்கரைவள்ளி கிழங்கு வடாம்


Vathal / Vadagam / Vadam – Vathal is dried vegetables and fruits that can be used a snack or side dish. They can be made from Turkey Berry (Sundakkai), Cluster bean, and other vegetables. Vadagam are dried balls composed of lentils and spices. Vadam is a paste or dough made from rice, sago etc that is dried and then fried before using. Authentic Indian food, that too especially the south Indians prepare different vathal, & vadams in different styles and tastes very specific.

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Elai VadamElai Vadam is one of the traditional delicious papad / rice cracker variety prepared in south Indian homes. It is typically had as an accompaniment with the main course of the south Indian rice, sambar and pickle meal. Traditionally, this is done on plantain leaves, hence the name, elai vadam. Elai means Leaves in Tamil Language.

Advantages of Elai Vadam

  • Normal Papad will lose crispiness quickly but Elai vadam will be crispy for long
  • This Vadam/Papad is usually given for all ages as urad dal papad creates gas problem.
  • Normal store bought papad they will add chemicals to keep fresh but this vadam is prepared with Rice and green chilli hence, no chemicals is required to add to keep fresh for long period.

Namma VeetuSuvai bringing back these traditional varieties prepared in the traditional manner.

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