Kerala Cuisine – The cuisine of Kerala is characterized by the use of coconut, either chopped or grated and used as garnishing, coconut milk or paste is used to thicken gravies and coconut oil is used for cooking. Without coconut & coconut oil its very difficult to find a food in Kerala in general.

TheeyalUlli Theeyal is one of the delicious gravy based dish that is served in Onam Sadya. It has a sour and spiced taste with complex flavors. They use ‘ulli’ and grated coconut as main vegetable to prepare this Theeyal, ‘ulli’ in Malayalam refers to small onions /shallots /sambar onion. Theeyal, which means “burnt dish”, is a typical Kerala dish featuring roasted coconut and is usually dark brown in color. if you love coconut & small onion taste, then this masala is for you.

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