TIRUNELVELI STYLE SAMBAR MASALA POWDER / திருநெல்வேலி சாம்பார் மசாலா பொடி


Tirunelveli Cuisine – Tirunelveli cuisine gives priority to both taste and health. “Even the sweets come with ginger, so that it digests well. Herbs are used in rasams. Tirunelveli people use food made of millets is healthier than rice-based dishes. Also, in Tirunelveli, there are a lot of palm trees so many of our desserts are made of palm sugar.

Tirunelveli Sambar Masala – Tirunelveli people often prepare ‘Arachuvitta Sambar’ in their regular menu.  The word ‘Arachuvitta’ means grind freshly when prepare the sambar. Tirunelveli people grind sambar masala ingredients with grated coconut and they add small onion along with other vegetables to make this sambar and few people grind small onion, coconut and other ingredients when grinding for this masala. The preparation styles and ingredients will give unique taste in this arachuvitta sambar.

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